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Embedded Fall Protection Anchorage Connectors

Our concealed fall protection anchorage connectors are out of sight when not in use, preserving the beauty of your architectural design and eliminating unsafe climbing hazards.

The first embedded fall protection anchorage connector designed with safety, aesthetics and practicality in mind

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Safety was a primary consideration for designing the AnchorsAway anchorage connector (roof anchor). Our design provides more comprehensive coverage than other products in the marketplace, in that it not only provides safety to the end user but also to the public at large. The flush-to-the-wall, tight fitting lid conceals the recessed safety anchor and requires a tool for removal, rendering it challenging for children to access and climb in public spaces with roof edge perimeter walls.  An added bonus of this feature is that it allows our fall protection anchorage connectors to be installed at any height, particularly in jurisdictions where heights for perimeter wall hardware are restricted.


Modern architecture for commercial and residential buildings features sleek lines and smooth surfaces which can be aesthetically marred by conventional fall protection anchors. The AnchorsAway recessed safety anchor is more aesthetically appealing, in that it sits concealed behind a lid and flush with the concrete surface like embedded accent lighting. This, in conjunction with it’s minimalist design, and neutral white and grey colours make this roof anchor inconspicuous when not in use: out of sight and out of mind.


Ease of use, installation, & remediation are inherent aspects of AnchorsAway fall protection anchors. Our recessed safety anchors can be installed into pedestals, overhangs, roofs and walls. Their versatility on walls allows them to be located away from guardrail stanchions, recessed hardware or roofing up turns, where conflict may exist. Unlike typical thread-exposed embed bolted roof anchors currently found in the market, AnchorsAway embedded hardware is not subject to damage at time of construction nor is it subject to  inconsistent depths or angles of embedment at point of installation.  Our recessed stainless steel connector bar, is seated at a consistent depth and is ready for use upon sign-off after the forms have been removed.  Forming panels are readily removed, upon the simple removal of four threaded fasteners. Expensive gang forms and composite panels are not damaged by large holes and, as a result, may be re-used.  Made from long lasting, UV stabilized, recyclable plastics the housings are designed for long life and ease of remediation. In this era of reduce, re-use and recycle AnchorsAway anchorage connectors win hands-down.

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The AnchorsAway concealed fall protection anchorage connector comes with clear and easy-to-follow installation instructions.


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