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Our concealed fall protection anchorage connectors are out of sight when not in use, preserving the beauty of your architectural design and eliminating unsafe climbing hazards.

The first embedded fall protection anchorage connector designed with safety, aesthetics and practicality in mind


Safety was a primary motivation for designing the AnchorsAway anchorage connector. Our design makes the anchorage connector mount flush with the concrete and conceals it behind a cover when not in use. The cover fits tight and requires a tool to remove it. Children cannot easily open it or play with it. An added bonus is that the concealed design allows our anchorage connector to be installed at any height.


Modern architecture for commercial and residential buildings features clean lines and smooth surfaces which can be aesthetically marred by conventional fall protection anchorage connectors. The AnchorsAway connector is designed for aesthetic appeal. It is inconspicuous when not in use due to it’s neutral color and minimalist design. After all, the physical plant shouldn’t draw attention to itself unless the architect chooses it to do so.


We have created a practical product that is easy for workers to access and use, and is simple for building managers to repair if necessary. The lid attaches to the housing so it’s never lost. The lid is easily removed and replaced by workers so that the anchorage connector remains safely concealed when not in use. Further, the anchorage connector doesn’t require special equipment to use. It is compatible with existing harness aparatus.

We Provide Everything You Need for a Stress Free Installation


The AnchorsAway concealed fall protection anchorage connector comes with clear and easy-to-follow installation instructions.


Customer support is a very high priority. We understand that you may have questions that aren't covered by the documentation. Please feel free to contact us.

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