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Fall Protection Vancouver – Roland Salm , BSc, had his first exposure to fall protection as a glazier in the Vancouver commercial construction market. Recognizing the need for higher standards in fall safety, and in anticipation of regulatory changes, he transitioned out of the glazing industry Into the fall protection industry. Since 1992 he has been the owner of Silverline Safety Systems Corp., a successful manufacturer and distributor of fall safety products in the Western Canadian market.

We feel that a key to our success has been to listen to the concerns of industry, and to work in collaboration with professionals to find innovative solutions to their respective challenges. We are confident that the safety, efficiency, versatility, simplicity and aesthetics of our patented AnchorsAway line of products encapsulates our philosophy and addresses the needs of builders, engineers and architects alike. At the same time we understand our collective need to address the environment. 

Our compact, lightweight line of products reduce carbon footprint in terms of shipping and recyclability. Expensive form panels no longer need to be damaged at point of installation, rendering them re-useable, thereby cutting down on waste, and ultimately reducing cost to the builder and impact on the environment. In this era of reduce, re-use, and recycle we feel we are making inroads.

Roland Salm of AnchorsAway Safety

Roland Salm, BSc, is the inventor of the AnchorsAway Concealed Fall Protection Anchorage Connector

Fall Protection Vancouver BC

fall protection vancouver

Vancouver’s construction industry is designing and constructing modern buildings that require a new approach to fall protection. The existing fall protection anchorage connectors no longer satisfy the aesthetic requirements of modern concrete design and architecture. Roland Salm designs and manufactures the AnchorsAway Concealed Architecture Fall Protection Anchorage Connector to fill the need for an aesthetic solution to this problem.